(2015) She. The Title of Artist

total installation at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum, St. Petersburg – video, audio, paintings, 2015

The feminist art-research is conducted with the help of two MA students of Curatorial Studies Department at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (St. Petersburg State University) – Yaroslav Volovod and Yana Mikhalina. This interdisciplinary project brings together several areas, such as: artistic research, sociology of art, visual sociology, art-history and curatorial research.
It explores the role and the status of women in two institutions which form the Academy: St. Petersburg State Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (former the Royal Academy of Art) and the Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum. The research results are presented as audio- and video-installations displayed in several museum rooms.

Solmaz 2015 IMG_2243Solmaz 2015 IMG_2226Solmaz 2015 IMG_2257Solmaz 2015 IMG_2256P1060379IMG_1332 IMG_1338P1060373IMG_1341 IMG_1334IMG_1328

photos by Solmaz Guseynova

documentation of the installation at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia, September-October, 2015